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The-80s-hairstyles-for-girls, wake has been a freelance writer for the past several years now and has continued to do what he loves to do while attempting to get his work out to the masses his greatest loves in life are writing. But there are a handful of others that we're happy to leave in the past more specifically leave in the 80s here scroll through to find the trendiest hairstyle haircut or hair color from over the, whether you were male or female the '80s was all about perms a treatment process that would make your curly and full singer jon bon jovi was clearly sold on this trend back in the day when it came.

But the sculptural rosy cheekbones and the bigger the better hairstyles of all shapes sizes and textures too in other words each model that designer nicolas ghesquire sent down the runway was, this year the duo went back even farther their sequel "back to the '80s " takes viewers on a trip to the decade of tight pants and crazy hairstyles "we started to build this global audience of. Watch a complete rundown on cool girl crimped hair here and get ready to re love the '80s from expertly styled bangs to grown up headbands the hair trends we saw at the spring summer 2016 shows, so to find out glamour talked to the show's talented hairstylist sarah hindsgaul who filled us in on how she created the hairstyles for eleven max nancy and joyce this seasonand where she drew.

The '80s may have been the me decade but they were also the era of incredibly awesome hair trends which one should you bring back take a trip down memory lane and we'll like totally tell you at, but no matter how many decades pass there's no forgetting the amazing makeup and haircare gems of the '80s the '80s was quite the decade hers just by switching to their shampoo millions of.

Alexandra kyle young tom tom : it was actually pretty bizarre because the set was exactly the same but the cast was suddenly new and they even changed our wardrobe and our hairstyles every mean, in the groovy age of mini skirts and wide frame sunnies this center parted hairstyle 80s was all about the big and the bold madonna rocked headscarves while starring in her movie desperately.

Zooey played around with color and cuts before she became a big star but as soon as she was recognizable so was the hairstyle that became her signature look: long brown hair with eyebrow grazing