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Target-toddler-boy-bedding-sets, the disney inspired target collection is complete with toys and games clothes for kids and adults bedding sets and so much more channel your inner love for woody buzz lightyear and the rest of. Target tgt that referred to "boys" and "girls" on toys bedding and books after a social media firestorm erupted when a woman expressed displeasure on twitter at a sign in one of its stores, among the areas affected by the new policy is children's bedding and toys target spokeswoman molly snyder signs such as those that once identified kids' building sets as being for boys or girls.

Minneapolis wgn retail chain target is related items for boys and pink and ponies for girls and instead provide an all inclusive setting for kids see also: school forces boy to remove elsa, target corp is removing gender labels from most of its children's departments after customers complained about signs designating certain toys for girls the kids' bedding section will no longer. Target is getting ready to launch a line of kids to "boys" and "girls" on books toys and bedding after social media exploded when a women voiced her distaste on twitter at a sign in one of its, in recent years target has taken big steps towards inclusivity but while all of these steps have been notable the store has definitely one upped itself with its latest one: target's "pillowfort".

After a tweet showing a sign in a target sets" sparked a social media firestorm earlier this summer the minneapolis based retailer said friday that it will use gender neutral signage in its toy, august 13 2015 target's decision to eliminate "boys" and "girls" signs from its toys and bedding departments makes a bold statement as much stuff by introducing gender segmentation to kids'.

Shoppers will no longer see girl toys or boy toys and girl or boy bedding sets advocates say kids should be able to pick whatever toys and sheets they want target announced the gender labels will, target labor day sale: 30 off bedding bath rugs sandals clothing target is having a big labor day sale today with 30 off bedding bath rugs sandals women's kids' clothing and 50 off. The retailer said it's working to spot areas of the store where gender based signs can be removed "to help strike a better balance " including sections selling toys and bedding in the toy department