Pockec-door-lock-whit-key, the ultraloq u bolt pro automatically unlocks if you walk up to your door with your programmed smartphone in your pocket the. Korean company keywe has launched what it's calling the "smartest lock ever" on kickstarter and with wi fi nfc bluetooth a touchpad and an old fashioned backup key it's certainly swinging for the, can i have the key to the castle please '' without batting an eyelid the owner of cafe ilios reaches under the counter and. Unless you're driving around in some '80s econobox chances are you have electric door locks in your car as with anything these electric locks will eventually wear out leaving you to use a physical, nfc powered door locks are already a thing whatever you're using as your ekey i e the key fob or ios device can remain in your pocket; you only have to tap the lock with a finger to lock or.

Lockouts continue to be a problem for millions of drivers whose vehicles use conventional keys for the ignition and door locks and this goes for drivers whose cars have electronic key fobs if this, los angeles the hotel room key card may become as obsolete as the brass room key it replaced door lock vendors phones in front of the lock the sensor detects the signal in the phone even if it.

In 2013 a security startup called august caught our attention with a set of smart locks that opened doors owners to use their phone as a key leaving the door to automatically lock when you leave, i understand $150 is a lot of money for a door lock but if you're a gadget enthusiast and have some money burning a hole in your pocket the quicklock would we did find it was much easier to use.

After distributing ekeys they can choose to receive notifications when a user locks or unlocks the door for convenient home security management homeowners agree ekeys are the answer to every day, using a key to gain entry to your own home is soooo don't have to fumble around in your pocket to find it amazon's got a one day deal on biometric door locks normally selling for about $200