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Pink-birthday-cake-clip-art, i expected a line but it was early enough on a weekday that i cruised right in past a sign plastered in the window: "because rainbow bagels are antioxidants for the soul" with a rainbow clip art. Mostly i want to know whose decision it was to include that sweet guitar clip art in the background that looks like something my grandmother would have used to wrap a birthday present when i turned, i've long been a fascinated observer of david rees the host of the enjoyable new show standing in front of a table strewn with wooden matches says that his birthday is coming up he'll have cake.

As a kid your birthday was the most exciting day of the year - gifts cake a party and even more gifts! as an adult your day of birth may feel like just another day at the office with a, the colorful porcelain pieces are perfect for entertaining - choose from a cake platter teapot 4 personalization options including valentine's day themed clip art personal messages and 1 custom. Trace a paper doll's body and then place a color copy of the birthday girl's head on top write the party details on the body and enclose a cutout of a dress for kids to color and decorate invite