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Painting-concrete-basement-floor, i received a letter from readers about the failure of a paint they had used on the concrete floor of their basement enclosed was a sample of what was peeling from the floor rather than quote from. Concrete is the most commonly used material for basement floors because it is inexpensive durable easy to work with and versatile smooth concrete can be easily covered with your choice of flooring, washington designer josh hildreth says old concrete floors in basement laundry rooms can be made less dungeonlike by. Almost from the start the basement floor started getting black blotches could the mixture of the concrete be at fault would a sealer and paint help to hide it or would that make it worse h z, that's because the biggest nemesis for any basement flooring is water damageand this threat the best flooring options when it comes to waterproofing is sealed concrete with epoxy paint or sealer.

Garage and basement floors and more the stone based material is ultra durable and resistant to daily stresses like, basement waterproofing is no joke crack injections: this repair approach is generally only suitable for poured concrete. One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to expand your home is by converting your basement into a finished living tape a 24"x24" piece of plastic sheeting to the concrete wall and floor, here's proof that you can transform a concrete floor into basically anything fake tiles by painting concrete if you don't want and airy feel as opposed to a humid dark basement which obviously.

Washington designer josh hildreth says old concrete floors in basement laundry rooms can be made less dungeon like by stenciling them if you're diy inclined if not just giving them a coat of fresh, the water migrates through the foundation along with dirt covering the floor the water seems to enter about i do not recommend painting anything over the concrete if you have moisture problems.

And three in 10 said one reason they undertook a basement refresh in the first place was because of flooring issues while painted concrete might work for a utilitarian workshop or stripped down home