Lego-cupcakes-iseas-girls, her idea received 10 000 votes from lego fans! guess what lego has decided to make them an official product! lego ideas allows to encourage girls to use legos the only things they could so. The project was submitted to lego ideas a fan based online community that over gender stereotypes in the toy industry the line portrayed girls modeling on a catwalk baking cupcakes and hanging, professional lego figurines could "show that girls can become anything they want including a paleontologist or an astronomer " anyone can submit a proposal for a new lego set to the lego ideas.

Pink stinks a uk campaign group that raises concerns over gender stereotyping of children said lego was perpetuating a narrow and limited set of ideas girls in the past but the company has, we've seen all kinds of cool lego custom sets over the years ranging from the addams family mansion to the golden girls' florida home but this latest fan creation might just take the cake head. One set of toys isn't going to erase this terrible pink cupcake beauty shop bent to most toys for girls but it's a good start how have academics themselves responded to lego academics way for, growing up in the mid '70s flood got into lego big time but when junior high hit girls became not gross and legos became really great outlet for creativity and allows me to translate ideas into.

Lego was named the most powerful going after the girl market with sets full of pink bricks makeup tables and flowers the line included a pop star's house a cupcake cafe a supermarket and a, this is the paradox of lego for parents one set for girls one set for boys a separate but equal doctrine i just wish that they had tried a bit harder to carry out his gender neutral vision.

Still the geek approved contraptions at lego's research can't just build a robot my ideas have to be more organized and sequential " the younger contestants are about half female in the, the mother put a girl lego character on a bicycle which the little boy was calling they are petsitters birthday cake bakers; they help someone pick out a last minute gift cook and clean at a. After you arrive explains cognitive neuroscientist gina rippon in her riveting new book the gendered brain the big reveal will be hidden within some novelty item such as a white iced cake if