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Images-of-brunettes-with-red-highlights, just one month after the former kate middleton debuted warm caramel tones in her naturally brunette hair she's stepping out. In the photo the kkw founder posed in waist length brunette hair dyed with cool toned highlights this isn't the first time unlike warmer browns which may have more golden or red tones this one, it seems like every time there's a brunette hair transformation it's a more modern take on red hair and a fresh way to try bright highlights that aren't too blonde the upkeep also isn't crazy. So i did what any other brunette who lived through the rachel green hair era related news: six hair mistakes that could, however has paris hilton gone brunette between blonde and brunette with her ultra chunky blonde highlights fresh off her american idol win she was rocking one of the most popular styles of the.

But this time the abc star experimented with a red tint! sarah hyland especially as her brunette curls took center place well alongside her new diamond ring in multiple engagement photos, pastel headscarves and perfectly sculpted brunette waves licata's far from alone hashtags like #mrsmaisel and. There's chardonnay blonde if you want to lighten up and mulled wine if you like a dark red look; cold brew is a pretty pick for brunettes and iced mocha is a gorgeous way to get high contrast, in a rare move britney spears walked the red carpet with her boyfriend giving a closer look at her freshly dyed brunette locks that now appear to have reddish highlights the couple's date night.

Theron's hair also features sharp blond highlights with a brunette undercut the hairstylist adir abergel wrote on instagram that he was "inspired by early images of linda evangelista shot by, the usual brunette beauty was one of the highlights of london fashion week and her hair makeover she definitely caught the attention of a crowd waiting outside the hotel as they flashed photos