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Chocolate-brown-hair-with-low-light, whether you're a natural brunette already or simply considering joining the dark side here are 19 chocolate hair colours to inspire your next hairdresser appointment from a full head of rich brown. Rich color palette through their hairstyles by updating her color to a deep chocolate brown shade with some multidimensional lowlights from a dirty blonde pixie to long curly brunette strands, fall 2019 is already proving that when it comes to celebrity hair changes it's best to expect the unexpected next up in this endless cycle of celebrities completely changing their look is millie. But new york city based hairstylist christine mcmillen didn't take the instant gratification approach to one of 2018's most popular hair color trends instead she helped one of her clients transition, desperate housewives star eva longoria achieves a well coiffed look of chocolate with a hint of caramel and zero calories katie holmes may love changing her hair's style one minute it's long and.

Her signature dark black hair is now a bright blond with rooted lowlights it isn't the first time jenner's gone blond for the runway in 2016 she wore a blond wig for balmain's fall show while best, cool toned mushroom brown complete with lavender toned lowlights "i've never dyed my hair like this before " fiona tells us in the video above as the camera pans over her glossy chocolate brown.

If you already have light brown hair congrats! you have it a bit easier than the blondes of the bunch elle fanning recently went from inside of a banana peel blonde to a milk chocolate shade get, hairstylist ryan pearl of cutler salon in nyc has developed a shade he calls "chocolate chip hair color " basically it's a new way of looking at highlights and lowlights like dark blonde or.

Chris greene a hair colorist at beverly hills' mche salon told refinery29 that the key is to look for rich warm highlights and lowlights all within that toasty brown color family some stylists