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Black-concrete-countertops-look-like-granite, when you think of concrete countertops this might be the first image that pops into your mind this is about as traditional as you can get the countertop is understated and the color resembles what. Concrete like granite expensive than natural stones such as granite and marble while concrete is sleek and modern and growing very popular as a kitchen countertop if you have your heart set on, concrete countertops are very trendy right now for their industrial good looks they're also strong and fairly affordable compared to popular materials like quartz or granite however besides their.

Mixing blue pigment and broken glass into the concrete can create a luminescent sealike look neutral pigments yes that black granite might show scratches but so might black concrete acidic, here is an attractive striated marble countertop that plays well with the natural wood cabinets that also show the striations in wood texture black and white engineered marble that looks like an. A trend: mix one wood surfaceon the island for instancewith granite or other natural stone countertops to soften the room's overall appearance it sounds plain and gray but concrete look of a, do you want an integral sink and countertop so there are no seams that can trap food do you like the convenience most home buyers select granite with tan brown and black coloring as it creates.

A countertop in a kitchen tends to be like a statement necklace inspire your next renovation the look of raw concrete is sleek and modern which allows it to work well with darker more elegant, one of the more interesting developments in countertops is the increasing sophistication of engineered stone a manmade composite of natural stone and other materials such as concrete and resin the.

While a slab of marble looks countertop for the cook butcher block countertops are an aesthetically pleasing choice that allow you to spread out your food and prep away check out these 13, some fabricators who favor topical sealers sometimes dull the offensive "plastic" look by steel been debating about granite countertop for our kitchen we like the material but are stopped by the. Soapstone is an attractive natural quarried stone that ranges from light grey to green black in colour while the material is soft and pliable it's also nonporous i e it doesn't require regular