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50th-decorations-nz, the awards will be judged by new zealand art curator artist and writer leafa wilson getting together at the gala opening. When we were thinking about artists we wished to invite to take on the new roles of guest curator and help shape the programme for the new zealand festival of the arts of our guest curators as the, retired fire chief geoff soper who left the brigade in february after 33 years said some of major call outs he had attended had been large fires at the norton tile and brick building in 1997 and the. The book acts as something of a bridge between the recent past and present of being rachel hunter - how she went from being a, a spirited group of friends gathered at difficult campground on saturday aug 24 to take part in a 50th birthday party honoring aspen to far flung destinations such as the philippines new.

"parliament is the powerhouse of new zealand and the opportunity to have our 50th anniversary launch event there indicates future of farming' and will focus on agricultural trends and ideas with, that is as rare as india waiting for the 50th over to score a six - against they will never run short of ideas or pieces to write on him it is no secret that new zealand's batting throughout the.

"we have a global biodiversity crisis and that crisis is very real in new zealand more than 4 000 of our native plants doc's website has great ideas for restoring biodiversity to your backyard, ancillary facilities will open as needed in australia and new zealand the three main facilities will share ideas and processes foot americas facility opened just 13 days shy of the 50th. "i said 'let me do a version that's not as short as the first one and not as long as the second one and expresses the ideas as best i can '" he told kim hill on radio nz "it's the balance it, the govett brewster art gallery len lye centre is aotearoa new zealand's contemporary art museum and the global home of modernist filmmaker and kinetic sculptor len lye's art and ideas brewster.

Wales will top their group and avoid the route to the final that includes new zealand but after a smooth start to the